Holly Nelson is an award-winning singer and songwriter from Southern California. She grew up in California, Florida, and Texas where her musical tastes were shaped by local radio and her parents’ vinyl collection.

“My parents are rabid music fans. Our home life had a constant soundtrack.” 

After graduating high school, Holly found her way into the local Southern California music scene. She contributed vocals to various projects, joined a band as a backup singer, and sharpened her skills playing shows throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.

Holly eventually began writing her own songs, which led to a solo deal with indie label Northern Records. Her debut album, Leaving the Yard, earned her the award for Best Female Performer at the Orange County Music Awards two years in a row, along with a Best Song nomination for the track Masterpiece. 

Holly’s music rewards the introspective listener with honest, personal expression through insightful lyrics and a soulful voice. As a writer, Holly likes to tell a story but prefers listeners draw their own meaning from a song.  

“I love how we’re all different, and that my songs will be filtered through a listener’s life experience and end up meaning something unique to each person. There’s always that little twist that makes it personal. I love that little twist." 

Holly's latest release, Ages, Vol. 1, was released November 12, 2021.